Student internship program which brings together socially active students across India and lead them towards building better society
Abhyuday, IIT Bombay is a student-run organization working towards creating a sense of social responsibility and leadership among the youth of India.
What is in it for you?
Social Awareness
Put your thinking cap on and come up with innovative ideas to reach out to more people in order to magnify the impact on the society
Immense oppurtunities to coordinate with Abhyuday team in multi-city campaigns and learn under the guidance of mentors of Abhyuday, IIT Bombay
Ideate, plan and execute events, campaigns and competitions in your college with the assistance of Abhyuday, IIT Bombay


Certificates of Excellence to top CRs from Abhyuday, IIT Bombay
Official Learning Partner
Discount coupons worth 50% and 100 Internship opportunities to all the top performing CRs and discount coupons worth 30% to all the participants
Official Internship Partner
50 Internship opportunities in different sectors to all the top performing CRs
Official Coding Partner
Discount coupons worth Rs. 300 to all the participants and worth Rs.2000 to all the top performing CRs, gift hampers to the top winners
Official Outreach Partner
100 Paid internship opportunities and discount coupons worth 55% to all the top performing CRs and discount coupons worth 45% to all the participants
Official Online Hosting Partner
Unstop Pro Membership Unstop worth Rs. 2999 and Rs 25k worth Unstop coins to all the top performing CRs
Official Learning Partner
200 Internship opportunities, free courses and discount vouchers worth 20% to all the top performing CRs, discount coupons worth 30% to all the participants and gift hampers to the top winners
Pranyas Development Foundation
100 Internship opportunities and gift hampers for the top performing CRs
Sign in to be a CR
Click the sign in button on the home page and fill in the details to get registered as a college representative.
Form a Team
Go through the details of How to form a team in the next slide below and follow the steps as mentioned.
Complete the given tasks
After you form a team, you would be given various tasks which have to be finished within the given time interval.
Earn rewards and incentives
As mentioned before,finish the tasks and bag in various incentives, certificates, internship opportunities, exciting gifts and coupons.
This time we are conducting the CR Program in a team mode.
To participate in a team with your friends,
Follow these simple steps :
To create a team:
Register individually using Google Sign In. Click
Get your teammates registered on the portal too!
Click on the "Form Team” icon on the dashboard. Now add your friend's Name and CR ID and click submit button
Your Teammates will receive the notification on their dashboard. Once everyone accepts the request your team will be formed
To get added in someone’s team :
Simply register using Google Sign In. Click
To be added in someone's team you don't need to click on form team icon
Use the bell icon to check notification requesting you to join the team
Accept the request to become part of the team
NOTE : Clicking on "Form Team" icon will disallow you from being a part of another team. Click on this button only when you are setting up your own team for the first time. Once part of a team no further notifications will be received
What can be the size of the team?
Minimum 3 - maximum 4
Should all the team members need to be from the same college?
Yes, team members should be from the same college.
If I am the only person from my college can I still participate in the program?
Yes! You can participate but try to convince your friends to be part of your team because the tasks will demand additional assistance. In case you don't find anyone, don't worry we will help you out.
Can I add teammates who have not registered on the portal?
No! you can add only those in your team who have registered on the portal.
How long will this tenure be?
The official tenure will run for around 6 months. This is the time when the CR is expected to complete the tasks given and claim the rewards and incentives we provide.
What is the eligibility criteria for becoming CR?
Students from any college, stream, branch can register for the CR program.
How much time do we have to invest?
On an average, 1 to 2 hours of work weekly would suffice. You can choose your own hours!
How will I get my incentives?
The majority of incentives will be shared via online mode and in some cases, we might courier it to your address.
Can I work from home?
Yes, you can work from home.
Media Partners
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